The EKDC series water-cooled centrifugal falling film chilling water units inherit the brand philosophy of energy conservation and environment protection. They can provide cold water for central air conditioning systems at sites such as hotels, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, cinemas, gyms, entertainment centers, commercial buildings, office buildings, and industrial and mining enterprises, and supply process cold water to the textile, chemical food,
e-science and other departments.

Direct Fired Absorption Chiller

  • High efficiency, energy saving, industry leading!
  • Cooling range: 40 USRt ~ 3330 USRt
  • Fuel type: natural gas, city gas, gas, light oil, etc.

Steam Fired Chiller

  • High efficiency, energy saving, industry leading!
  • Cooling range : 150USRt ~ 3330USRt
  • Usable steam pressure: 0.4MPa, 0.6MPa, 0.8MPa

Multi Energy Chiller

  • Flue gas inlet temperature: above 250 °C
  • Hot water inlet temperature: above 80 °C

Hot Water Chiller

  • Continuous 8000 hours without stopping the
  • Cooling range: 7 USRt ~ 2650 USRt